Our Total Care Service

Reasons For Our Service Plan

Includes a annual system tune-up!

Well maintained heating systems save 10% on fuel consumption per year!
Peace of mind when it comes to your home or business’s heat and hot water this winter.
Preventative maintenance.

We spot and fix anything that might cause issues in the future.
Over $300 in parts covered!
Additional Discounts.

15% Discount on any repairs not covered.
It’s Easy!

Schedule a annual tune-up today!

Our 16 Point Annual System Tune-up

1. Replace oil filter.
2. Flush tank valve.
3. Check and clean retention heads.
4. Clean blower fan.
5. Test and adjust air band.
6. Replace pump screen and gasket.
7. Inspect smoke pipe.
8. Test system efficiency.
9. Inspect chimney base.
10. Inspect cracks or failing tile.
11. Flush low water cut-offs.
12. Brush and vacuum heat exchange.
13. Check oil line for leaks.
14. Replace oil burner nozzle.
15. Inspect and tighten all wiring and connections.
16. Inform customer of equipment condition and recommend any necessary repairs.
Parts Covered
Over $300 in parts!
Oil Burner Motor
Pump Seat
Oil Filter Cartridge
Nozzle Line
Burner Motor Pump Couplings
Blower Motor
Oil Filter
Ignition Leads
Fuel Oil Pump
Fan and Limit Control
Circulator Motor
Primary Control
Pump Bellows
Burner Switches
Air Filters (disposable type – one set per year)
Thermostat (not clock-type)

All This & Peace of Mind For Only $359.99!

(Includes Sales Tax)

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