We strongly recommend a BUDGET for this heating season.

Our SMART BUDGET monthly payment amount is based on

Budgets begin on the 1st and 15th of the month.

This season’s average budget is $650 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop my budget payments?

Yes, anytime.

If you build up a credit we re-examine the budgets and determine if it should end earlier. We continue to deliver until the credit is exhausted.

Is this a fixed price?

No. The monthly payment is based on TODAY’S PRICE PER GALLON multiplied by YOUR ANNUAL FUEL CONSUMPTION divided by TEN.

How do you know how much oil I will use?

If you are a customer we have this data. If you are a new customer we will take the size of the house or business and estimate the annual consumption.

Why can’t I “lock-in”?

We do not offer fixed prices or caps for the simple reason we can not predict oil’s future.

Our budgets simply take your annual fuel usage and break it down into 10 easier to handle payments.

What happens to my credit when I move, switch companies or switch to natural gas?

We send you the full credit.

Do I have to pay extra for this service?


Will I be charged full price for service?

No. We are a full service company, all SMART BUDGETS include our annual service contract. 24/7 Priority Service, Parts Covered, 10% Discount for Any Repairs or Parts Not Covered.  
Please visit https://clintonvilleoil.com/service/ to see all that is covered.

Is this a trick or scam?

No?… We have always offered customers budget plans, we have decided to promote it now with the high cost of energy. We use smart technologies to accurately predict how much you need to pay per month.

How do you bill me?

We run budget payments on the first of the month on a debit or credit card linked to the account. We can split payments up, and or run them on any day of the month on a case by case basis.

Can I pay by check?

No. We work with every single credit and debit card company, and receive great rates due to being a utility company.  We no longer accept check payments for this reason.

Will I lose my discounts?

No. All our longstanding customers, in good standing, will always receive their discount per gallon.

What if I owe you at the end of the season?

10 Payments allows for 2 months to make extra payments if you do fall behind due to price increases.

What if I can’t afford to pay my monthly budget?

You can always order oil as needed, our minimum delivery is 100gallons.

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