Automatic Delivery

Save money & time!

Our computer and staff calculate your oil consumption ensuring your tank is never empty!
We also monitor the market, and weather conditions, allowing us to give our automatic customers an additional per gallon discount!

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Cash On Delivery

We always encourage customers to become automatic, as it will save you the most in heating oil costs. However if you like the thrill of monitoring your own oil levels, crawling around the basement and trying to read the tank’s gauge, then you can easily order online whenever need be. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons.

Order Oil Online!

Servicing Our Customers Is One Half Of Our Business.

We make it easy with our Total Care Service Plan, which includes a system tune-up allowing us to inspect your home heating system to keep it running at it’s maximum efficiency.

7 Day 24 Hour Service

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Email or call us at 203-234-1427

No Heat? No Problem.

Our staff and technicians are available around the clock to service any heat related problems.

Tank Removal

Our tank crew can easily remove any heating oil tank, replacing it or simply hauling it away within an hour!
To schedule a tank removal today or learn more email or call us, and include the address of removal.