Tips for Reducing Home Heating Costs

Keeping your home shouldn’t leave you broke. Use these tips to save on fuel heating costs.

1 Dress for Cold Weather

Starting out with the obvious… But read on, you may learn a thing or two to save more than a gallon or two!

2 Operation Fuel

December 19th, 2022 Applications Open for $600 heating oil credit – Apply Here

This state program has been helping keep families warm in Connecticut since the 1970’s energy crisis. Qualification requirements are also listed.

3 City/Town Hall

Reach out to your town/city hall for options to help you this heating season!

Many towns and cities have qualifying programs for residents to make paying your heating bills a bit less stressful. Your local representatives are available to assist you with these programs, you just need to reach out.

4 Get a Furnace Tune-Up

Keep your furnace or boiler running at peak performance by having it tuned up us once a year. It’s a small expense that could lead to big savings. Among other things, our furnace technician will check the burners and exhaust vents to make sure they are working at top efficiency. Often, simply cleaning the burners can make a noticeable difference in your energy costs.

Schedule your tuneup today!

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5 Reduce the Use of Vent Fans

Fans suck out undesirable smells and moisture, but they also suck out a lot of hot air from your home. In the winter, don’t run your kitchen or bathroom vent fans unless there is a need. Because winter air is already quite dry, there may be no need to vent a bathroom after every shower. In kitchens, use the vent fan sporadically, though you should still take care to properly vent when you are cooking with gas-burning appliances.

6 Change Furnace Filters Annually

It is necessary to replace the cartridge furnace filters at the beginning of each heating season.

Newer furnaces may skip a tuneup but never skip changing filters.

On hot air furnaces changing the filter is easier than changing a light bulb.

7 Turn Down the Thermostat

A couple of degrees cooler when you’re away or asleep can make a big difference on your heating bill (without any sacrifice from you).

Savings of 10 to 12 percent are possible if you run your system 5 to 10 degrees cooler at night or when you are away from home.

8 Give Vents the All Clear

Move all furniture and belongings away from your heating vents, so they can deliver all that heat that you’re paying for. Couches or other furniture blocking heating vents makes the furnace work harder to deliver warm air, increasing the running time and energy cost.

Also, make sure the heat registers and dampers are fully open to allow for the full flow of warm air.

9 Replace an Old Furnace

Breakups are never easy, but if you’ve been with your heating unit for a long time, it may be time to put an end to the relationship.

Although the initial investment may seem prohibitive, you’ll be surprised at how fast a high-efficiency furnace can pay for itself when compared to an old conventional furnace. 

10 Use the Sun

Sunlight is one of our favorite ways to warm any room with sunny windows.

Open curtains on sunny days to create natural greenhouse warmth!

Close the curtains when there is no sun to help minimally insulate.